Watch Office Design

The watch office built at RAF Metheringham was built to a standard Air Ministry specification that had evolved over the years to contain the various sections and offices required to fulfill the safe flying operations at an RAF airfield.

Initially designed to be used on training airfields but later adopted as a standard building for most airfields by 1943, the Watch Office for all Commands (Drawing: 12779/41) formed the basic design for the Metheringham control tower.

Slightly modified with the replacement of the front lower windows with smaller frames to reduce light emissions and improve blast protection, the Watch Office for all commands (Drawing 343/43) was the type that was actually built on the airfield and became the standard Bomber Command control tower on airfields in the later war years.

Built to a simple brick 2 storey design with a balcony and flat observation roof, the tower contained accommodation for the Met office, signals office, crew rest rooms, a watch office and the control room where instructions to the aircraft were passed.

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