Restoration Diary

The Airfield Watch Office (Control tower) is without doubt the most recognisable and significant building on any airfield and probably the one that gives the most lasting visual record of the extraordinary story that unfolded at Metheringham airfield during the Second World War.

The poignant thought that for so many airmen that failed to return, the view of this tower was probably their final memory of home has compelled me to set about this restoration project as a tribute to Bomber Command and to the crews that were lost on Operations from Metheringham.

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September 2010

Consultation and advice sort from North kesteven Council planning department regarding the restoration of the control tower. The current proposal is to restore the Watch office and fire tender shed back to their original wartime specification. Once restored, the control tower will be revitalised as a private dwelling which will offer a modern practical solution in order to fund the restoration and guarantee the preservation of this historic airfield building.

It is also planned to install a small public car park and information boards that will add to the Lincolnshire aviation heritage trail and compliment the Metheringham airfield visitors centre by allowing public access to information out of hours from a vantage point at the heart of the former airfield.

February 2011

Work finally commences on clearing the site and after 2 weeks the tower is now free from the concrete rubble that has engulfed the building since the airfield was demolished in the 1960s.

March 2011

The site clearance revealed the original roadways and the concrete bases for the Fire tender and the tractor sheds which will now hopefully allow us to recreate these buildings on their original footprints using copies of the original construction drawings supplied by the Royal Air Force museum.

November 2011

The tower structure has now been made safe and all of the rubble removed from site. The remains of the original signal square were located during the site clearance and we are now in the process of restoring this important feature which will give the airfield back it's identity. The surrounding area has also been levelled and planted with grass and for the first time in nearly 70 years the site is slowly returning to it's former glory.

January 2012

A planning application to continue the restoration of the tower and the fire tender shed has now been submitted to the local planning authority. Hopefully this will meet with approval but for the moment, little more can be completed until permission has been granted.

December 2012

After nearly a whole year spent wrapped up in paperwork, surveys and various planning meetings with the Local Authority, the historical importance of the Metheringham Watch office has now been acknowledged and permission granted for its full restoration. Not only will the tower be restored to its original appearance but the neighbouring Nissen hut which housed the airfield fire engine will also be restored and converted into overnight accommodation orientated towards aviation tourism. With so much local aviation history on offer, the restored Nissen hut sited within the shadow of the airfield control tower, will hopefully offer a unique visitor experience and a nostalgic base from which to explore Lincolnshire.